Members of the
Laws of Success Solutions Mastermind
have achieved these results!

  • 10 have increased their sales by over 300%

  • Seven members closed six figure deals. Most with just one of their clients.

  • Two have sold their companies for seven figure deals

  • Several have been featured in industry magazines

  • 95% continued marketing and growing business during the pandemic with positive outcomes

  • All have been receiving referrals, inquiries and are attracting their dream clients


Laws of Success Mastermind members

  • Are experiencing greater personal and financial freedom

  • Have increased their confidence and self-awareness

  • Grown their connections and spheres of influence

  • Create a plan to add balance to their lives

  • Are happier, more focused and have more personal time to spend with loved ones.

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The mastermind gives you the recipe to grow your business and experience personal and financial freedom.

  • A weekly mastermind at two different times on Tuesday. This way you will always have access to the power of the mastermind. This lifeline from members will accelerate your success and motivate you to new heights.
  • A private Facebook group to support your mission.
  • One on One coaching with Dr. Rick (first come, first serve) meet with one of the top 30 global gurus in the world for leadership in 2021 and design a plan to achieve your goals.
  • Discounts for solutions oriented leaders events such as the soon to come platinum elite retreat.
  • Access to an online portal of courses. Class is a support for all areas of your business.

John Leone says “Dr. Rick packs 25 pounds of information in a 5 pound bag” Heineken

I encourage you to run- don't walk- & up for the laws of success solutions oriented mastermind. Doctor Rick has helped me overcome some major obstacles and devastating circumstances in the past year alone. He has the ability to take a single idea and show you how you can position yourself for business growth and financial freedom.

Having worked with doctor Rick over the last nine years as the country head of sales for Heineken, eventually becoming the owner of the distributorship in Saint Maarten where his guidance and support was priceless.

Whenever I have a personal professional question or piece of advice that I need he is always there with the gold!

Joining laws of success solutions oriented mastermind is a no brainer.

Meet weekly with an advisory board, members of the mastermind, dedicated to helping you grow your business.

They see things you dont. They will share their perspective and opinion. You don't have to take it but it information you won't get anywhere else.

Get referrals and resources that will help you grow. The Advisors in the mastermind share resources they have used and refer you to people they know, like and trust.

Role play and practice so you can ask for what you want. Sales and promoting yourself is easier when others can help you communicate your value. They believe in you.

Key benefits from Laws of Success Solutions Mastermind Membership  for Leaders and Entrepreneurs


  1. Professionalism - You are surrounded by speakers, experts and authorities who are growing their business, expanding their influence and want to learn how to do it smart, effectively and prosperously.
  2. Education - Coaching, mentoring and masterminds to educate, inspire and lift you up.
  3. Perks - Discounts on events, webinars and conferences plus introductions to suppliers who want to work with Solutions Oriented Leaders and offer discounts to you.
  4. Networking - Opportunities to meet, work with and be supported by a unique group of like minded individuals who are in business as influencers, speakers and experts.
  5. Access to people in the know.

Your kickoff keynote presentation was AWESOME! I could see the excitement from our team as they were getting solutions and ACTION STEPS we needed to implement!

John Leone.

Dr. Rick's virtual keynote made our event


JM Matienzo 
Chairman and Chief Strategist ARIVA Academy

This program was absolutely fantastic. Everyone was engaged, the presentation was highly energetic. It could not have been better!

Bill Rice 
District Manager, Northeast United States, Custom Building Products

You exceeded my expectations and you will recall that I had very high expectations of you!

Milt Douglas 
VP of World Wide Sales Cavium, Inc.

Time To ACT

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